Evaluating with you, first, What you need.

Allows for speed of execution.

And to design your future journey, alongside investors aligned with your vision.

What best suits your needs?

  • Investors pre-sounding.
  • Actual (Staple) fundraising of your next generation of funds.
  • Ongoing Investors Relations services.
Process and timing are critical. Thinking through the key milestones of your fundraising method – beforehand – will be a determining success factor for your fundraising.Cerrar

What kind of capital and investors are you seeking?

  • Whichever profile, we will introduce you to a broad range of investors.
  • From UHNWI to asset managers and pension funds.
Whether you are fundraising abroad for the first time, want to diversify your investors base or be more global, Aticeo can assist you in strengthening your investors foundation and reaching your goals.Cerrar

What will be the regulatory regime applying to your process?

Depending on the investors base you want to target, your funds’ structure may vary. Have your fundraised under the new AIFMD frame before? Abiding by this regulation is no longer an option. Thinking about it at the start of your fundraising process is key.Cerrar

What kind of capital and investors are you seeking?
What for?

What are your priorities: Accelerated growth; Change of control; Minority investment, ahead of a potential sale?
In either case, we are here to help.Cerrar

What does it take to get to a successful closing?
Would our professional advice make sense?

You know your company inside-out. Still, are you confident about how to best tell your story to professional investors?
And capture their attention all the way to closing? This is our area of expertise.Cerrar

What if Aticeo were to invest its capital?
Alongside like-minded investors.

What we like above all is to share our enthusiasm with like-minded investors, who will invest alongside Aticeo.Cerrar